Education and Identity Protection

Why are we here?

To combat identity theft through education so that current and future generations' sensitive personal information will be safe.

What problem are we solving?


One out of ten children is an unknowing victim of identity theft according to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon Cylab.  Children are 51 times more likely to fall victim than adults since their identities can be used to commit identity fraud with a low probability of being discovered.  

The impact is profound; making it difficult for children to apply for student loans, rent an apartment, or apply for a job.

Our approach

Sell Identity Protection

We provide educational content to help students and their families understand the risk and impact of identity theft combined with a campaign to provide identity protection solutions.  

We partner with ID Experts, the largest provider of identity protection services to the Federal government and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association covering over 25 million members, to deliver best in class identity protection as part of our programs.  Learn more about MyIDCare from ID Experts in the Knowledge Center.

Identity Theft Targeted at Kids

Watch how social media is helping criminals target your children.

Are you ready to protect yourself and your family?

Learn more about Best Company's #1 Ranked identity protection solution, MyIDCare.

About Us

Leaders in identity protection since 2003


We are experts in identity protection solutions, information campaigns, member support and communications.  We help your organization be effective at launching and managing an effective educational campaign.

Combined experience


Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the identity protection industry.  We launched hundreds of successful programs with non-profits and corporate enterprises. 

Service excellence


Our goal is to delight our clients.  We measure success using Net Promoter Scores.  Our member services team ranks among the best! Ask us why this matters.

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