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  Did you know that children are 51 times more likely to fall victim to identity theft than adults since their identities can be used to commit identity fraud with a low probability of being discovered?  When your child applies for a job or college loan may be the first instance in which this is uncovered.

What about Your Child?


Do you suspect your child may have had his or her identity stolen? If so, we will find out and help.

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66% of child identity fraud victims are under the age of 8

So how can you protect your child?

 Injure Free is partnering with ID Mentor with a special offer for its members. You can save 15% off of the retail rate with MyIDCare,   voted Best Company's #1 Ranked identity protection solution  for only $199 annual membership for your family.

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About ID Mentor

We are experts in providing digital safety to children and their families. We educate children, parents and guardians in the best defenses against cyber crimes. Above all, we are moms, dads, brothers, sisters and grandparents who understand the digital challenges our next generation faces.  Read the story of how ID Mentor came to be and why its Founder decided to continue his mission to combat identity theft. 

Why ID Mentor?

How we work with U.S. Youth Soccer

Our Mission

  The mission of ID Mentor is to provide digital safety to everyone under the age of 18 and their families in the United States. To help support our mission, we are contributing a portion of your membership fees back to Injure Free organizations. 

What is MyIDCare?


Identity thieves use your information to commit nine types of fraud such as  child, medical, financial, social security, criminal, employment, driver’s license, insurance and synthetic. But don't worry – the MyIDCare service provided by ID Mentor covers you for all forms of identity theft. If identity theft occurs, only MyIDCare offers a 100% Recovery Guarantee.

What do you get?

  MyIDCare includes Credit Monitoring, a dedicated Recovery Superhero, 100% Recovery Guarantee, CyberScan™, access to your own expert, and a $1 Million insurance policy. With ID Mentor you will also receive educational tools to better prepare you and your family against the threats of identity theft. 

Over 25 million individuals trust the MyIDCare product, because of their world-class identity protection & white-glove customer service. That’s why ID Mentor trusts them.




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