The Fortnite Battle Royale game is currently only available on four platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4 and iOS. Its official Android release has been set to “this summer.” Yes, sometime this summer – not now. But with a growing interest in downloading the hottest game of 2018, scammers are taking advantage of those ready to start playing.

Thousands of people are searching for directions to get Fortnite onto their Android devices by Googling “how to install Fortnite on Android” or “how to download Fortnite for Android”, which is exactly what scammers are hoping for. These Google results will direct the player to YouTube with videos loaded with malware. And we all know malware is nothing to mess around with. It seeps into your accounts, discovers passwords and takes the building blocks of anyone’s identity.

ID Mentor specializes in protecting children’s identities, and this type of scam is targeted to children who are eager to have the net best thing. As a parent or guardian of a potentially naïve child, it’s your job to make sure they are educated on these types of threats.

To keep yourself and your children educated and safe, check back here frequently, or start protecting yourself now.