If you recall from the first part of this story, Kayla just graduated from high school and when she applied for a job, she discovered she was a victim of identity theft. Her band program was working with ID Mentor, who provides MyIDCare, an identity theft protection service. Her Recovery Advocate John had made some progress on restoring her identity to its pre-identity theft status.

There are many agencies, vendors and institutions that John needs to contact and work to remedy her identity theft issue. After receiving Kayla’s Limited Power of Attorney form, so he can work on her behalf, he got to work.

He started immediately with the background check agency used by the company where Kayla applied for work. He confirmed with them that they used her correct Social Security Number to run the background check, and they attest that they did in fact have the correct SSN.

The agency also stated that the “suspect information” that surfaced on the report came from LexisNexis which is one of the minor credit bureaus. So, John sent a credit report request to Lexis Nexis on behalf of Kayla, as well as the big three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) for credit reports, if they do in fact exist.

John also asked the big three to place extended alerts for Kayla if the credit files exist.

This is an ongoing situation for Kayla and John. He continues to persevere in the recovery of Kayla’s identity. He will pore over the reports and document any suspicious activity on them. These flags will be the best jumping off point for John to contact any and all companies, agencies or other places where Kayla’s identity thief may have used her SSN to purchase goods, gain employment or potentially commit other crimes.

It is a long process if a person would have to do this for themselves. But with John’s expertise, Kayla can rest assured that he will save her months of work and tons of money. Stay tuned for further developments.

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