What features should you look for when deciding which identity theft protection solution fits your needs? Experts suggest you consider:
1) The strength and reputation of the company protecting your families identity. There are dozens of companies offering identity protection solutions today. Check out member reviews and also check to see if the Federal Trade Commission has had any judgements against the company.

2) Features and benefits of the solution. Most identity protection solutions offer credit and public records monitoring to detect misuse of your personal information as well as insurance that covers fraud losses and other expenses. The difference is how the solution helps if you find you are a victim of identity theft. The member experience with this part of the service separates the best-in-class programs. Compare customer satisfaction measures like Net Promotor Score when selecting a solution provider.

3) Family coverage. Check to see if the solution covers your entire family — including your children. Many identity protection programs require enrollment in memberships for each person in your family making them less affordable for families.

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