Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Passion to Protect Children Leads to Partnership with ID Mentor

Kicks off series of partnerships between influencers and ID Mentor

NEW YORK, February 06, 2020 — Judge Jeanine Pirro is among the first celebrity-endorsed influencers for ID Mentor. The mission of ID Mentor is to provide digital safety for children and their families in the United States. To help support this mission, ID Mentor is raising awareness by partnering with celebrities passionate about protecting children.

“I have spent my career as a prosecutor and judge fighting for and protecting the most vulnerable and often silent victims of crime -women and children from the predators who roam freely among us.” says Pirro, “and there is nothing more important than the work ID Mentor is doing to protect your children from predators and cyber danger. Their alert system is not an option — it’s a non-negotiable solution for all parents.”

Pirro will be working directly with ID Mentor on new initiatives. She is among the first of a series of influencers ID Mentor will be working with in order to promote the awareness of digital safety for children.

“We look forward to working with influencers to increase awareness of the risks families and especially children face in a digital world,” says Rick Kam, Founding Partner of ID Mentor.

ID Mentor is dedicated to protecting and defending children and families from identity theft and cyber predators. It is their mission to save as many children as they can from emotionally damaging situations. ID Mentor is the expert in helping families improve their privacy and security on social media and the internet.

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Learn More: https://idmentor.org/pirro