July 9, 2019 — ID Mentor announced their partnership in identity protection today with InjureFree. InjureFree members will receive a discount for their family identity protection plan, MyIDCare.

The mission of ID Mentor is to provide digital safety for children and their families in the United States. To help support this mission, ID Mentor is contributing a portion of membership fees back to InjureFree organizations.

“Partnering with InjureFree was the perfect alignment,” says Rick Kam, Founder of ID Mentor. “Our history and mission have always been to protect children and their families from danger, specifically from losing their identities. By protecting this most vulnerable group from cyberbullying, social media risks and identity thieves, along with the physical dangers in youth athletics, together we provide a holistic defense against harm.

The MyIDCare service provided by ID Mentor helps parents with alerts when their children are at risk of identity theft, cyberbullies, and adult predators. ID Mentor covers families for all forms of identity theft, offering a 100% Recovery Guarantee if identity theft occurs

“ Finding partners who are dedicated to improving the well-being of children, is our focus,” says InjureFree CEO Charlie Wund. “We believe technology should work in the best interest of our families, no matter if that’s saving money, coordinating healthcare services, or monitoring their child’s identity. As a parent, I know there are enough concerns keeping us up at night. Our goal is to create a network of partners who work around-the-clock to protect children from harm, so parents have peace of mind. ”

ID Mentor is dedicated to protecting and defending children and families from identity theft and cyber predators. It is their mission to save as many children as they can from emotionally damaging situations. ID Mentor is the expert in helping families improve their privacy and security on social media and the internet.

InjureFree is a technology service empowering child safety initiatives and risk management for youth sports organizations and schools. It allows any authorized user to create an injury report that goes to all authorized stakeholders, such as the coach, athletic trainer, principal, school nurse, parent, and league manager. These healthcare updates then go to all authorized recipients, so everybody knows the status of a child at the same time, providing a private, connected care community.

MEDIA CONTACT: Rick Kam, rick.kam@idmentor.org


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